Team Houston

Raise the BarMISSION
The goal of this organization is to implement youth programs designed around the sport of Amateur Olympic Weightlifting and Physical Conditioning. We want to target all young people, girls and boys alike, to involve them in a program designed to foster character, good scholarship and provide support for the development of the entire individual.

The intent of this program is to use weightlifting as the primary tool to develop character. This activity requires discipline and a good work ethic. The program builds confidence and the individual's self esteem.

  1. To provide an alternative activity to Houston area youth, especially those at risk.
  2. To provide a long-term program to reinforce good habits and good decision making.
  3. To provide a consistent, ongoing community project reaching youth, middle school and high school kids that lack organized activities.
  4. This program is for all youth that need a positive competitive activity to help them grow as individuals.